Casio PRW-6000YT small partners to share the experience

1. Purchase History His wife last year was obsessed with Poseidon OCW-S3000, 2015.6 months on the day after the birth of the Japanese embassy gift, but unfortunately I did not start with rice, 15 by the end of outdoor ALICE group, hiking on the addiction, his wife saw this aunt Zhang watch , Climbing more than the peak, the total rise, drop height, etc. at a glance, the white models at first sight, there are wooden, decisive chopped hands in March this year, the yen exchange rate devaluation and Nichia 10% rebate, to hand 3200, had Said his wife adults holding a proper way! Nichia transaction records record Tucao look out of the box it, the hand of the Nichia package is really rotten from the outside, but fortunately, the value of a small partner Yan. Back shadow Dial Dial 2. Practical features and experience The overall function is outlined below Mode Operation Flow Mode Operation flow The official instructions on the replica watches to offer online link Open the page after the mouse to the bottom right of the save icon, click to download. 2.1 accurate wave timing Press the B key to R / C radio mode, long press A button on the display RC flashing until the RC! Began to receive light waves, light signal strength with L3 , L2, L1 said, 3-5 minutes against the window there GET, easy to succeed on time. The light wave receives the light wave to receive 2.2 altimeter mode and record Press the B key to return to the timekeeping mode, climbing when the A key to enter the altimeter mode, the measurement interval default 2'00 mode to meet the general mountaineering needs Measurement Interval Mode Measure the rolex replica interval mode One day to climb down to automatically save MAXMINASCDSC 4 height values, of course, can also be manually saved 30 records, the operation see the instructions E-61 page. Recently, a mountain climbing plans, home more than 400 meters near the mountain, by the way to thank his wife adults, from Zhang aunt to save me a piece of equipment 2.3 Compass function Timekeeping mode press the C key to enter the COMP mode, in the woods when there is still a secondary role 2.4 Other common modes 1) Measurement of air pressure mode with little, but in the weather forecast with the premise of rain, observe the pressure changes (pressure continued to fall) to avoid pouring into the drowned chicken 2) temperature mode used to feel very tasteless, body temperature, direct sunlight and humidity greater impact, reliable temperature need to remove the watch from the wrist and placed in direct sunlight and well ventilated place, no sense of 3) alarm clock function is very high, can be set to 5 fixed alarm, while sitting in the office has a whole point of time to remind, to prevent sedentary disease ah. 4) stopwatch, countdown timer function in the running, cooking occasionally use 3. Experience feelings advantage: 1) the appearance of bright show, the uk replica watches dial size appropriate, the severity of appropriate, more texture and not too clumsy, usually do not need to wear basic, casual wear and outdoor sports are wild, a watch to solve a variety of purposes! 2) features more than enough for me, especially mountain climbing auxiliary powerful, high altitudes, orientation is very practical, to see the mountain or a small sense of accomplishment 3) solar charging, also used Citizen before the kinetic energy watch, never worry about the battery problem, convenient and environmentally friendly 4) get rid of phone alarm clock, carry, remind yourself not to sedentary, prevention of occupational diseases, office use is also Bang Bang da. Disadvantages: 1) I wrist fine crown often top to the back of the hand 2) It is said that titanium black bracelet is easy to scratch, is still carefully used, this has no say PS: buy the chef machine is still on the road, arrived in Beijing, apprehension of waiting, pray not to be taxed, the original, save RP! . .